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Boiler Service

DB Sales specializes in boiler service, with factory-trained personnel providing repair and maintenance to provide longevity of equipment, maximum efficiency of your boilers, and compliance with regulations. We offer a full range of services for the life of your boiler and auxiliary equipment including heat exchangers, economizers, blowdown / separator tanks, storage tanks, DA systems, system piping.

We will repair and maintain every make and model of commercial boiler, regardless of whether we have sold it or not. Emergency service is available 24 x 7.

We also provide rental boilers for immediate installation.

Manufacturer-Level Quality Service at Reasonable Prices

Our service philosophy is to provide high quality service and maintenance at reasonable prices

Factory Authorized Technicians for Boilers and Water Heaters

We gladly service and provide maintenance for boilers and water heaters from any manufacturer. Our field technicians are factory trained and authorized by the following boiler and heater manufacturers (partial list):

  • Ace Heaters
  • Advanced Thermal Hydronics (new brand name for HydroTherm)
  • Ajax Boiler
  • Atlas
  • Bryan Boilers
  • Burnham Commercial Boilers
  • HydroTherm (rebranded as Advanced Thermal Hydronics)
  • Indeck
  • Reco USA Heaters

View list of manufacturers for which we are an authorized repair center and/or have factory-authorized repair personnel.

Boiler and Water Heater Repair Services (24-hour emergency service available)

  • AQMD Source Testing
  • Boiler Breaching and Stack Systems
  • Boiler/Burner Code Rewiring
  • Boiler/Burner Controls Repairs and Calibration
  • Boiler/Burner Tune Ups
  • Boiler Refractory Repairs and Replacement
  • Boiler Tube Replacement
  • Calibration Facilities
  • Condenser Repairs
  • DA and Blowdown Tank Repairs
  • or Replacement
  • Economizer Repairs
  • Heat Exchanger Repairs
  • Heat Recovery Systems
  • Hot water System Piping
  • Steam and Hot Water Boiler Systems
  • Steam Code Piping
  • Superheater Repairs

On-Site Parts Warehouse and Machine Shop

Our extensive parts warehouse helps us provide timely service to our customers. In our on-site machine shop, our skilled professionals can deal with numerous technical obstacles. We are one of the only firms in Southern California to offer in-house machining for out-of-stock parts.

Maintenance and Maintenance contracts

Quality boiler maintenance, without short-cuts, pays huge dividends to the facility manger and building owners in long-term cost savings. DB Sales offers top quality maintenance at highly competitive prices.

DB Sales offers both per-project (a la carte) maintenance service and an annual maintenance plan (AMP).Maintenance services include tune-ups, repairs, installation of all gaskets for water side and fire side boilers, monitoring and annual inspections.

Customers who purchase a maintenance plan have the assurance that manufacturer’s recommended maintenance is automatically and systematically provided.

Boiler Control Systems

Control systems that electronically monitor and adjust temperature, provide problem alerts, and efficiently manage energy usage are vital to the operation of a complete boiler system. DB Sales provides factory-authorized repair and maintenance for Autoflame, Siemens Combustion Controls, Fireye, and Honeywell Controls.

Ajax Boiler after new burner pans installedAjax Boiler before new burner pans installed
Burner pans and burner pods were fabricated and replaced on this Ajax boiler, in addition to refactory repairs.

Serving Los Angeles and all of Southern California

DB Sales in located in Garden Grove, on the border of Los Angeles and Orange Counties. We provide service throughout Southern California, including Los Angeles, Ventura County, Orange County, Riverside County, San Bernardino County, and San Diego County.

For more information on boiler service, email DB Sales & Service or call (714) 897-1036.