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Air Handler, Fan Coil and Heat Pump Solutions

With the growing concern about energy consumption, DB Sales has made it a priority to partner with manufacturers who share our goals in providing the most environmentally responsible and resource-efficient products including air handlers and also high-efficiency chillers, boilers and air-side systems. DB Sales has a long history of providing customers with solutions that meet the most stringent Ultra Low NOx emission standards in California.

DB Sales is an exceptional manufacturers’ rep company, in that we provide cradle to grave services. We start our relationship by helping customers determine the right products for their specific applications, doing whatever is necessary to specify the best solution including walking jobsites and reviewing project requirements. We ensure that everything is built correctly and commissioned properly, and can help solve problems and optimize efficiency throughout the life of the project.

We work with a variety of air handler, fan coil and heat pump manufacturers to offer our clients a range of standard, semi-custom and highly customizable products to meet the widest variety of needs.

Air Zone International Specializes In the Design and Custom Air Handlers.

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Air Zone International

Air Zone International specializes in the design and manufacture of high-efficiency custom air handlers. Its products have been included in some of the greenest building designs in North America.

The air handler units manufactured by Air Zone are rugged, versatile and custom. They save horsepower, decrease the cost of LEED projects, and offer reduced pressure. Air Zone also manufactures a vertical air-column unit that can be mounted in a small space. Its under-floor air distribution unit (UFAD) is particularly quiet.

About Air Zone International

The founder of Air Zone International has more than 50 years’ experience in the design, manufacturing, sales and distribution of air handling equipment. Air Zone is considered a leader in providing green building solutions. The company is involved with the U.S. Green Building Council, the Greater Houston Partnership, and ASHRAE.

  • Custom Air Handling Units
  • Energy Recovery Units
  • Modular Air Units
  • Compact Air Units
  • Raised-Floor Air Products
  • Rooftop Air Handling Units
  • Vertical Air Columns

More information about the Air Zone International air handlers and the services provided by DB Sales & Service.

Ice Air is an HVAC equipment manufacturer with 40 years of experience

Ice Air is an HVAC original equipment manufacturer with over 40 years of experience developing and manufacturing a wide variety of HVAC units. Ice Air provides superior heating and cooling systems for new construction and replacement applications.

Ice Air also provides world class comfort by innovating high quality equipment that is durable, environmentally sound and easy to install. Our products are whisper quiet and designed with consumers in mind.

Xstream Air™ is an add-on Outside Air Module that provides from 20-150 cfm of filtered, tempered outside air through our advanced terminal equipment.

ThermalGuard™ is a patented technology that eliminates heat transfer from a building’s exterior through the wall sleeve casing. With ThermalGuard technology greatly reducing heat transfer, your PTACs and thru-wall units run more efficiently and make a stronger contribution to overall building efficiency.

Ice Air’s thermostatic controls are user-friendly and designed for state-of-the-art efficiency. We offer programmable, non-programmable and advanced wireless remote thermostats. Our controls provide energy conservation and cost-efficient cooling and heating for all of our advanced HVAC equipment.

Ice Air is known for:

  • New construction and retrofit/replacement applications
  • Comprehensive sales and project support
  • In-depth knowledge of HVAC market
  • High quality, innovative products
  • Advanced design and customization capabilities
  • Ice Air products include:

Water Source heat pumps

  • Geothermal heat pumps
  • Fan coils
  • Vertical Stack fan coil and heat pump units
  • PTACs
  • Hybrid water cooled air conditioner

More information about the air handlers from Ice Air and the services provided by DB Sales & Service.