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Press Release - November 15, 2014

imageDB Sales Announces Sales and Service Relationship with Caleffi Hydronic Solutions

November 15, 2014 GARDEN GROVE, Calif. – DB Sales announces a new sales relationship with Caleffi Hydronic Solutions, which specializes in hydronic systems, solar thermal and other renewables, and specialty plumbing.

Steve Mertz, president of DB Sales, said, “Caleffi is a leader in hydronic specialties, solar thermal and renewables, and plumbing specialties.  They make all the products that make the hydronic system work.  A great benefit to our customers from our partnership with Caleffi is the excellence of their training and education.”

To learn more about Caleffi and other hydronic and steam systems available from DB Sales, visit the DB Sales web page. A list of Caleffi technical education is available HERE.

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