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Boiler Retrofits in Los Angeles and all Southern California

When adding new parts, equipment, and technology to a boiler, the goal is to increase the efficiency of a system. New advancements and design improvements allow an older unit to increase its potential. Since most boilers only operate at around 60%, replacing or retrofitting of an older boiler could equal huge cost savings for a company.

Retrofits can be to switch to ultra-low NOx burners to meet current emission standards. Or perhaps to upgrade controls to the latest microprocessor technology or PLS-based control systems.

An average boiler can consume almost four times its cost every year in energy. Enhanced function of a new or retrofitted boiler saves fuel and improves the quality of overall output. Finally, a boiler that has been replaced or retrofitted reduces the emission of carbon and other pollutants into the air.

Factory-Trained Technicians

Our field technicians are factory trained on the equipment of many manufacturers. Below is a list of some of the manufacturers for whom we are authorized to provide service and maintenance.

  • Ace Heaters
  • Advanced Mechanical Technologies
  • Advanced Thermal Hydronics (new brand name for HydroTherm)
  • Air Balance Inc.
  • Air Zone International
  • Ajax Boiler
  • Arrow United Industries
  • Atlas
  • Autoflame
  • Bock Water Heaters
  • Bryan Boilers
  • Burnham Commercial Boilers
  • Cain Industries
  • Caleffi Hydronic Solutions
  • Chiller Control Systems
  • Dunham-Bush
  • Erie City
  • Fireye
  • Hanbell
  • HeatLink
  • HydroTherm (rebranded as Advanced Thermal Hydronics)
  • Honeywell
  • Ice Air
  • Intellihot
  • International Boiler Works (IBW)
  • Keystone Energy
  • Indeck
  • International- LaMont
  • Johnson Burners
  • Oventrop
  • Precision Coils
  • RBI
  • Reco USA
  • Ruffneck
  • Siemens Combustion Controls
  • Starfire Firetube Boilers
  • The Whalen Company
  • ThermoFlo
  • Wilo