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Education about advancements in HVAC and plumbing products helps our customers provide superior service to your companies, especially in the important and rapidly-changing world of high-efficiency products and of emission standards.

DB Sales is continually adding to the webinars available on our website, in order to share the knowledge of our experienced instructors. No registration is required.

Steam Generation System Design

Minutes: 1:22:27

In this educational video, Steve Mertz, President & CEO of DB Sales, discussed steam generation system design including steam boiler design code, boiler & burner types, combustion equation and controls plus much more.

Benefits of UL Factory-Built Grease Ducts

Minutes: 1:14:01

Join Keith Page, Applications Engineering Manager at AMPCO to hear an overview on commercial grease duct systems, applications, mechanical installation safety codes including industry test standards, and the many benefits of UL classified factory-built duct assemblies in comparison to field-welded & wrapped carbon steel systems.

Boiler Venting - Definitions, Theories & Applications

Minutes: 58:09

In this video featuring Jason Geagan, Director of Sales with RM Manifold Group, he will discuss boiler venting appliance listings, venting materials, fixing performance & code issues and more flexibility with venting designs.

Sump & Sewage Systems

Minutes: 34:49

Kevan Woodworth (COO) and Mike Kilcrece (National Sales Manager) for US Pump Corp. discuss sump, sewage, tank fill and water reclamation systems. Learn about the design, function and competitive advantages.

Semi-Instantaneous Heat Exchangers & Condensing Water Heater / Boilers

Minutes: 49:22

Join Jeremy Lindstedt, VP of Sales, for Ace Heaters to learn how semi-instantaneous heat exchangers work along with their features and benefits. Also learn about the design and performance of condensing water heaters/boilers and more.

High Efficiency Boiler System Design

Minutes: 46:27

In this webinar by Steve Mertz, President & CEO of DB Sales, you will learn how to design, specify and purchase high efficiency boiler systems.

Bock High Efficiency Water Heating Technology

Minutes: 48:46

This webinar features Mark Bryden of Bock Water Heaters who will discuss high efficiency condensing modulating water heaters, indoor/outdoor models, new technology and more.

Booster Systems & Emergency Backup Water Systems

Minutes: 55:31

Join Victor Rilling, President of Advanced Mechanical Technology, for a discussion on using and sizing booster pump systems, and how and when to use emergency backup water systems.

Wilo - High Efficiency Pumping System Design*

Minutes: 45:33

Wilo presents an educational webinar to help attendees design, specify and purchase high efficiency pumps and pumping systems.

DB Sales - High Efficiency Boiler System*

Minutes: 34:09

This presentation by DB Sales president Steve Mertz describes various styles of boilers, what makes a boiler system efficient, and the features of the high efficiency RBI and HydroTherm boilers. System implementation and a DB Sales hybrid boiler plant will also be addressed.

Air Zone International - High Efficiency Products - The Future of Vertical, Quiet Air Unit Design for Overhead and Underfloor Applications*

Minutes: 49:04

In this presentation DB Sales and Air Zone International promote products that support the “The 2030 Challenge”. The goal is for all new buildings to reduce their emission consumption by 70% by 2015, which should lead them to be “carbon neutral” by 2030.

Caleffi Training

Caleffi provides some of the finest online education in the industry in the areas of Hydroponics/Plumbing and in Renewable Energy. View the complete list of more than 35 webinars that you can access through DB Sales.

* Please note that some of the Online Training videos are very large and their download might take several minutes.